brief synopsis

Santa vs. Aliens is the story of a young boy who saves Christmas from an alien attack. It’s a 3 issue comic series.

The story opens on Christmas Day in the not too distant future – the day Jericho Jones was born.  And on that same day, Jericho’s hot-shot space pilot father is lost in space.

Scroll forward 12 years, and Jericho has never been allowed to celebrate Christmas.  His traumatized “type A” single mother has kept him overprotected and over-scheduled.

She manages to hold things together fairly well, until she loses her steady job at the space shuttle factory.  It’s Christmas time, and the only work Jericho’s mom can find is a job as a Mall Santa.

This total chaos into their lives, and it’s not just a 9 to 5 job – the Mall Santas are part of a secret “national guard” type organization, the “Santa Brigade”, who stands ready to defend Christmas against any threat.

So when a horde of greedy aliens, marauding through the galaxy,  attack Earth to steal all the Christmas presents and enslave Santa, it’s up to Jericho to break out of his shell and lead the Santa Brigade into battle –

or this could be the last Christmas on Earth!